Corporate Identity

I take much pride in putting alot of thought into branding. Whether you are just starting your company or looking to re-brand, I would be happy to help.

Click on the thumbnails below to view each corporate identity in detail.

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Project News

Risk Management Company

Risk Management Company Working on a Risk Management Software Company's identity, web and marketing materials. Stay tuned for launch and examples this spring.
/ 2008-01-21

San Bernardino Water

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District Working on the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District website.
/ 2007-05-07

ReFirme Launched

ReFirme Website Launched Designed and HTML/CSS developed the ReFirme site.
/ 2007-05-04

Endocare Training Website

Working on a doctor training membership site for Endocare. A prostate cancer treatment technology company based in Irvine, CA.
/ 2007-05-02

San Damian Collection

San Damian Collection Working on re-launching San Damian Collection. Very excited about the new design.
/ 2007-04-27

IT Re-Branding

Updated Corporate Identity, new website.
/ 2007-04-27

Marmalade Cafe Launched

Marmalade Cafe Launched Recently Launched Marmalade Cafe. Site is powered by the Internet Thing CMS.
/ 2007-04-06

Kaizen Photography

Kaizen Photography Doing a quick corporate identity package for this photography and marketing startup company.
/ 2006-10-14

Auto Newsletters

Auto Newsletters I did a series of automotive newsletters. The newsletters resulted in an astounding 20-25% increase in click-thru rates.
/ 2006-10-11

Re-Branded The Internet Thing CMS

Re-Branded The Internet Thing CMS I wanted an identity for the Internet Thing that included designers and developers, hence the rocket ship. It represents the launching of each new site.
/ 2006-05-24