Automotive Newsletters

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I did a series of automotive newsletters. The newsletters resulted in an astounding 20-25% increase in click-thru rates. It was a bit of a slow start, considering one of the requirements for the series was to have it templated and that graphic elements such as the individual promotions were a complete mismatch. Once we figured out that "template" was more of a subjective concept, and not as a template in terms of an automated template it was much easier to work with. "Creative freedom" was given the green light, and I went to town with them. I put the extra time in to re-design each of the promotional elements, and the end result was very well received.

"That's fu##ing insane, it looks great!"
~ Daniel B. Jessup, CEO Jessup Auto Plaza
How's that for a rave review? I would definetly consider that "well received". It still makes me laugh. Needless to say, that's when you know you've done the job right.
Project News

Risk Management Company

Risk Management Company Working on a Risk Management Software Company's identity, web and marketing materials. Stay tuned for launch and examples this spring.
/ 2008-01-21

San Bernardino Water

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District Working on the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District website.
/ 2007-05-07

ReFirme Launched

ReFirme Website Launched Designed and HTML/CSS developed the ReFirme site.
/ 2007-05-04

Endocare Training Website

Working on a doctor training membership site for Endocare. A prostate cancer treatment technology company based in Irvine, CA.
/ 2007-05-02

San Damian Collection

San Damian Collection Working on re-launching San Damian Collection. Very excited about the new design.
/ 2007-04-27

IT Re-Branding

Updated Corporate Identity, new website.
/ 2007-04-27

Marmalade Cafe Launched

Marmalade Cafe Launched Recently Launched Marmalade Cafe. Site is powered by the Internet Thing CMS.
/ 2007-04-06

Kaizen Photography

Kaizen Photography Doing a quick corporate identity package for this photography and marketing startup company.
/ 2006-10-14

Auto Newsletters

Auto Newsletters I did a series of automotive newsletters. The newsletters resulted in an astounding 20-25% increase in click-thru rates.
/ 2006-10-11

Re-Branded The Internet Thing CMS

Re-Branded The Internet Thing CMS I wanted an identity for the Internet Thing that included designers and developers, hence the rocket ship. It represents the launching of each new site.
/ 2006-05-24